Massed Choir Songs

'Faith in the Future' National Song

Words and Music by Fr Rob Galea & Luke Batterbury

Download the National Song with vocals (MP3)

Download the National Song instrumental (MP3)

National Song Lyrics & Chord Sheet

Download the National Song Lyrics (PDF)
Download the Chord Sheet (PDF)


Hearts of Courage

Music and Lyrics by Tim Hart

The entire ‘Hearts of Courage’ resources folder can be accessed here. It includes:

  • Mp3 & Wav files of the song
  • Backing tracks & promo tracks
  • Lyric sheet & interpretation
  • Sheet Music
  • Lyric video with audio visualiser - a suitable tool for classroom adjustments to learning and inclusive liturgical practise for people with hearing loss
  • Music-animation video (for all age groups but very practical for infants/primary students)

Western Australian “Faith in the Future” Iconic Video opportunity

Schools unable to travel to Perth for the concert have the opportunity to record their version of the Faith in the Future song in their own iconic Western Australian location and submit for inclusion in a compilation video to be shown on the night of the concert.

Videos will need to be submitted by Monday, 16 August.


Tips to help you record your video


  • Record in a well-lit area or room
  • Keep your background simple and clean
  • Use plenty of light, preferably including natural light
  • Change up your shot perspective


  • Film for sound. Many rooms or spaces make the audio sound loud or echoey


  • Shoot horizontal – hold your iphone sideways
  • Keep it steady
If you require further assistance with filming, please email