Bringing together Catholic school students from across the state to participate in an inclusive, uplifting celebration of the arts


In 2021, the inaugural Spirit of the Arts Festival brought together Catholic school students from across the state to participate in a week-long festival showcasing creativity and community spirit.

In a very memorable and successful series of events, audiences witnessed an incredible display of hard work and talent in an uplifting celebration of the spirit and tradition of the performing arts.

The Spirit of the Arts Festival had over 1,200 students participating in a massed choir, 2,200 spectators at the festival concert and the greatest level of participation in Carnevale and concerts we have seen.  We had over 17,000 children displaying their God-given talents in all facets of the Arts.

In a milestone year we commemorated 200 years since the first Catholic school opened in Australia and 50 years of our united CEWA system, as well as 32 years of Catholic Arts.

In 2022, the Spirit of the Arts Festival will continue however with a revised format.  Instead of a week-long festival it will become a term 3 festival.  The Catholic Arts program of events which are held during term 3 and include the Praise and Worship celebration, Angelico Art Exhibition, Performing Arts Festival and Festival Concert will now all come under the Spirit of the Arts banner.  The Spirit of the Arts brand encompasses all the Catholic Arts programs.

The festival concert this year will move to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Riverside Theatre and will include a massed choir, flag procession, orchestras, bands, dancers and soloists.  A cluster of schools will be invited to participate in the massed choir and this will rotate annually.

Another change this year is Carnevale and the lunch-time concerts, which will not proceed in 2022.  For a number of reasons and considering feedback from our survey last year, we are reimagining Carnevale and planning for a bigger and better statewide Showcase of the Arts in 2023.

As we build upon the value and importance of the Catholic Arts program and to continue the success of our hard work, we’d like to maximise the opportunities to showcase the many talents of our students and staff.

This potentially could be shopping centre shows in school clusters throughout the state, participation in festivals in your community or region, visual arts displays or a performance or concert opportunity.  Showcasing the arts is an important part of marketing Catholic schools to our communities, regions and across the state but also providing opportunities for our students to perform their God-given talents.

Planning is underway for what this could look like but we seek your feedback and recommendations to achieve a showcase that meets the needs of our regional and metropolitan schools and colleges.  We’d like to gauge your interest and input for an inclusive showcase of the arts.  This would be run in addition to the Catholic Arts program of events but may not be limited to term 3.  We would like input not only from Principals and senior leaders but also Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Art specialist teachers, coordinators and the like.  A short survey has been prepared and we would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete the survey.

Showcase of the Arts Survey

A poster has been designed for this year’s Spirit of the Arts Festival, please click the link below to access.

Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, changes may need to be made to the program of events, however, we will communicate any necessary changes as the year progresses.  We encourage you to enter the festival and more information for the Angelico Art Exhibition and Performing Arts Festival will be sent out soon.

We look forward to your participation in this year’s Spirit of the Arts Festival.

Key Dates

Key Dates for the 2022 Spirit of the Arts Festival, as follows:

Praise and Worship Celebration - Thursday, 21 July
Performing Arts Festival – Friday, 22 July to Friday, 2 September
Angelico Art Exhibition – Monday, 8 August to Friday, 26 August
Angelico Awards Night – Tuesday, 16 August
Festival Concert – Monday, 12 September



Principal Partners for the Spirit of the Arts

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