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The Spirit of the Arts Festival brings together Catholic school students from across the state to participate in an inclusive, uplifting celebration of the arts.

The Festival highlights the exceptional gifts and talents of the students as well as celebrating the importance and joy the arts bring to our students and school communities.

Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools & Colleges

Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools & Colleges in Western Australia was established to help the students of Catholic schools and colleges experience the spirit and tradition of the performing arts.

The Festival seeks to provide students with specific ‘performance platforms’ where they have the unique opportunity to give of their very best and perform to a public audience. Open to both primary and secondary school students, the performance categories encompass choral, drama, musical, instrumental, vocal and dance aspects of the performing arts. Approximately 18,000 students enter the festival each year. The Festival commences with an Opening Mass Celebration and concludes with a Final Concert showcasing Shield and Outstanding Award recipients.

Angelico Exhibition

Angelico Exhibition for Catholic Students is a prestigious annual event on the Catholic schools art calendar. The Angelico Exhibition was named after Blessed Fra Angelico, Patron before God of Artists. The combined Primary and Secondary  Angelico Exhibition runs for 3 weeks and is open to students from pre primary to year 12.  The exhibition provides a broad public forum through which Catholic students throughout Western Australia are able to exhibit their dynamic artistic talent.

The Exhibition is open to all Catholic school students and features an array of creative, colourful, inspirational and spiritual works ranging from aboriginal and contemporary paintings, ceramics, sculpture, furniture pieces and textiles. Diversity has always been one of the show’s main features from bold social statements to scenes of serenity with works coming from as far as Kununurra, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Albany and Broome. The Exhibition has been held at the Forrest Centre in the City of Perth.

Catholic Education Carnevale

Catholic Education Carnevale is a day-long colourful and dynamic event held in the city each September. Primary and secondary school students showcase the vast depth of talent that exists across the Catholic Education sector. Musicians, choristers and dancers perform on stage while interactive displays – including computers, live art, science, craft, environmental and agricultural – are exhibited on a rotational basis around this city centre location.

Photo/Video Gallery

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Key Dates

Key Dates for the 2024 Spirit of the Arts Festival, as follows:

Catholic Arts Opening Mass  – Thursday 18 July

Performing Arts Festival – Friday 19 July to Friday 30 August

Angelico Art Exhibition – Monday 5 August to Friday 23 August

Angelico Awards Night – Tuesday 13 August

Angelico Viewing Weekend – Saturday 17 August, 1.30-3pm, Forrest Centre

Festival Concert   – Monday 9 September

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